Step by Step Guide

A Guide for End-of-Life Planning

The Bay Area Funeral Consumer Association provides families with non-biased, reliable information for end-of-life planning. We offer resources and information to walk you through the myriad of steps you and your family need to consider and take before or after dying. 

Think about this website as a guidebook, leading you through the requirements and options available, as well as helping you to understand your rights.

You can get started by reviewing and downloading the Before Death and After Death Checklists below. 

Before Death Checklist

There is a great deal of information that your survivors will need in order to handle your affairs after you die. You need to gather this info and make your family aware of its location. We’ve created The Before You Die checklist that will help guide your information gathering efforts. 

At or After Death Checklist

The After Death Checklist helps take the guesswork out of planning your funeral for your next of kin or executor.