Member Mortuaries: Plans that Fit Your Needs

5 Cremation and Burial Plans

We offer members a choice of 5 cremation and burial packages at cooperating mortuaries in the Bay Area aimed at providing savings. Our membership plans represent up to a 50% savings over retail prices.

Although you may wish to donate your body, or your survivors may wish to manage your funeral without the help of a mortuary, these things do not always work out as planned, so it is wise for you to choose a mortuary and a plan in order to have one functional plan in place when needed. Choosing a mortuary and a plan in advance does not obligate your survivors to use them.


Cremation Plans Overview​

Plan C1: Direct cremation, unwitnessed, normal weight 

Plan C2: All the options in C1 plus scattering ashes at sea, no guests

Burial Plans Overview

Plan B1: Direct burial at mortuary’s convenience, no visitors 

Plan B2: All the options in B1, plus graveside service at scheduled time

Plan B3: Embalming, viewing, funeral ceremony, body burial. Some include a casket, described later

See and review all the details for these plans.

Bay Area Funeral Consumer Association Member Mortuaries

Currently there are eight mortuaries contracted with Bay Area Funeral Consumers Association that offer our members discounted funeral services. To enjoy these savings, become a member. Membership is a one-time, lifetime fee of $100.00.