Speakers For Your Community

Our Speaker Bureau provides speakers free of charge for your church or community group in an effort to increase the number of educated funeral consumers. 

Programs can be tailored to the amount of time available, number and age of the audience, and whether the group wants to make their own plans or whether they expect to be in charge of someone else’s death arrangements. Presentations may be made in-person or in an online presentation format.

Suggested Topics

  • Getting Prepared Without Getting Taken
  • Are You Good to Go?
  • Eight Reasons Why Funeral Directors (Almost) Always Have the Upper Hand
  • How to Have a Home Funeral
  • Is a Green Burial in Your Future?
  • Prepaying vs Preplanning a Funeral 
  • Six Ways to Help Someone Facing Death

Contact Us to learn more or schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas and how we can support you.