About Us

Why We Exist

The Bay Area Funeral Consumer Association (BAFCA) provides families with non-biased, reliable information for end-of-life planning. We have a compassionate and knowledgeable staff to help you and your loved ones prepare ahead.

Objective Resources for End-of-Life Planning

Our vetted and updated price list of funeral services in the San Francisco Bay Area provides members with affordable funeral options. Members enjoy a discounted price list that is up to 50% off mortuary retail prices

  • We advocate for the funeral consumer
  • We offer advice about funeral options available with a step-by-step guide 
  • We have someone available to assist you and respond within 24 hours 

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Our Mission

We are a nonprofit and independent, educational organization that helps families with end-of-life planning that meets their personal and financial needs.

Our Values

How we work is as important as what we do. Our values embody our culture and help us make decisions.


We are compassionate and operate with high integrity. We are here to guide you through your end-of-life decisions. 


We are independent, objective, and endeavor to be a complete resource. We offer what you need in one location.


We help families prepare for the inevitable, which is a gift to those who are left behind.

Meet the Team

Allan Behr, President, of Half Moon Bay, has worked in high tech since the 1960’s in positions ranging from program and product management to CEO. He is currently the President of the Bay Area Funeral Consumers Association. 

Marjorie (Margie) Bridges, Past President has been helping the “funeral society” since 1995. She was the office manager for six years, then joined the board of directors. She has been in every office except treasurer, served on the state FCA board as president, and served on the national board as secretary. Now she is content just to be a volunteer where needed—Mortuary Chair, historian, speaker, advisor, chair of various projects. She has lived in Stanford since 1974, and has used our services three times—for father, son, and husband. She was a news reporter, editor, and jobs counselor before retirement and taking the part-time job at Bay Area Funeral Consumers Assocation.

Byron Chan, Treasurer of Bay Area Funeral Consumers Association since 2010. From San Francisco​, he is a former high school science teacher and counselor for 35 years. He is also one of the speakers for the organization having spoken to church groups, senior facilities/centers, residential Homes, and civic organizations on end-of-life issues. In retirement, he continues to help at the First Chinese Baptist Church in San Francisco Chinatown by serving on Boards and assisting in educational endeavors; and since 2012, he has continued to serve at the USO/SFO. 

Peter Lee, Asst. Treasurer is semi-retired from a career of 30 years in high tech Finance. He has served on the Bay Area Funeral Consumers Association board since 2018 and currently works as a Sales Associate for Keller Williams Realty in Palo Alto, CA.


BAFCA is seeking a responsible office administrator for a multi-faceted, permanent part-time position (~15 hours/week; 2-3 days/week). For more information, please view our job announcement.