Two popular poker versions 7 card stud and 5-card-stud poker

If you a poker buff, you will feel excited to learn that the early version of the regular poker was played on the basis of the 5-card-stud. To express exactly, the simple poker version is still played by shoving each player four cards up and one card down. Later to this, a betting round usually takes place once deal of the cards in the hands is done. Advantageously, you can play this game at home and at many online poker sites. The simple conception of the game is that each player can “fold”, make a bet or “call” once they are dealt five cards. However, after this round, each player can fill in cards for the dealt hand. It then excites the final betting round to conclude and the players still possessing hands at the finalization of the round would expose their hand and the winning hand is shoved the communal winning pot.

Apart from the five-card-stud, yet another popular poker version is 7-card-stud. To start the game, three cards are dealt to the player, two and the rest one up. A round of betting takes place subsequently allowing each player to receive one card up repeatedly three times and a betting round after each card. The last seventh card is dealt facing down and here concludes the betting of the hand. Finally, the hands are then exposed and the winning hands win the pot.

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