Slots are without a doubt the most popular of casino games. From being an attraction for the wives and girlfriends of the men who played at the Las Vegas tables to the most popular and lucretive jackpots, slots have over-taken all of the casino games as the #1 casino game. This also is the case for the online casino.

Slot machines come in many different forms, from 3 reels, single-line slots to 5 reels, multi-line slots and video slots there are more variations of the slot machine than any other game making it as popular as it is. The list of slot machine games is nearly endless with each casino having it’s own slot game.

Online casino slots and other internet casino slots games dominate the market with Blackjack following then Roulette.

From the variation of slots the Video Slot is probably the most popular slot game in online casinos as the give you more chance of winning. With bonus rounds, extra spins and more winning lines players are more likely to head for these games than any other slot.

To learn more about these great slots games visit some of the great slots sites advertised on Blackjack Online Casinos.

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