Roulette is a gambling game believed to be invented in France in the 18th century. Roulette translated means “small wheel”. The game has a small wheel, a small white ball and a table to place your bets.

The wheel has 37 small slots colored alternatively red and black and numbered 1 to 36 with another slot colored green and numbered 0 into which the ball can drop in to. The numbers are not in any numerical order.

The betting area has the same numbers and colors to which you place your bets. There are also bets for odds or even, red or black and groups of numbers.

Players can place a variety of diffent bets with different winning odds depending on the bets laid. Most tables have minimum and maximum bets. Players can bet ubtil the coupier calls “no more bets.”

The croupier then spins the table in one direction then spins the ball in the opposite direction. Play is over when the white ball lands in one of the wheels slots.

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