My Life Now I Found Poker

My Life Now I Found Poker


In 2001, I graduated from university with a degree in a subject that I had no real interest in. I did the usual thing that every 18 year does and thought of how much alcohol I could consume in a 3 year period whilst legitimately dodging tax.

My life was pretty much mapped out; I, like many did no real work in the first two years of university but prided myself in knowing which drink would make me very drunk without costing very much money. Real work only started in my 3rd year and then on after that.

My 3rd year was the time when I had to grow up which I hated the thought of as I knew that after this year my university safety net was well and truly over. The dreaded working life was fast approaching and the thought made me more and more nauseas.

The thought of working a 9 till 5 job filled me with so much anxiety that I started to think of ways that could keep my student life alive but also have the ability to earn money. After a great deal of soul searching and trawling the internet, I came across some ideas. The first one was being a male gigolo, although this clearly had some job merit, it was hardly the kind of career I could bring up at a after dinner conversation.

So I looked further into my second option which was UK poker Site playing. The draw back to this was that I needed some money to get started but apart from that it was the perfect choice.

I visited where I registered my details. I borrowed some money off the bank of mum and dad and proceeded to play. The great thing about this site is that it has a poker school which helped me improve my game. I get to play from home so I don’t even have to get dressed and the best of all is that I get to play a game I enjoy whilst winning money at the same time. A perfect solution all round.

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